IT2400 Series

Model No.Last OrderLast Repair
IT2400-TC41-GLC 2010/10/29*1 2017/6/30 None -
*For individual support
2010/10/29*1 2017/6/30 None -
IT2400-TC41-GP 2010/10/29*1 2017/6/30 None -
*For individual support
2010/10/29*1 2017/6/30 None -
IT2400-TC41-PSGJ 2007/12/28 2014/3/31 None -
Last Updated: 2017/8/29
  1. The last order date of these products has been planned for 2010/10/29, the products, however, have been sold out ahead of schedule, so the products are no longer available. We would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Repair Acceptance

 : Repair service is available, reparable,      Δ - Repair service is available, partly irreparable,     
 -  : Repair service is ended.
- Please note that we might not be able to repair our products when replacement parts become unavailable, regardless of the maintenance period.
- Parts needed for repair vary depending on symptoms. Since availability of each part changes time to time,
  please use the chart below only for your reference of repair status before consulting with the Pro-face repair office.
- For consultations on replacements for models cannot be repaired, etc., please contact our sales office in your region. For contact information,
  please refer to the Pro-face Global Support page.