Last Updated: 2016/4/27 (Products in red are updated)
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Model No.Product NameLast OrderRecommeded Substitute
CA1-RCVLRG-01 Rear Cover 2013/5/30 None
CA3-BLU12-01 Replacement Backlight for 12.1 inch 2014/3/31 None
CA6-DFS4-01 Screen Protection Sheet 2023/4/28 None
CA6-DIOCN4-01 DIO Connector (3.8inch) 2023/4/28 None
CFFM-WP00-MS Installation Gasket for CF Front Maintenance 2013/12/20 None
CGP070-ID11-M Open-end Sink DIO cable 2013/9/30 None
FN-IFCN01 FLEX NETWORK I/F Connectors 2013/9/30 None
GLC100-DIOCN01 DIO Connector 2013/9/30 None
GLC300-BCB41 Bus Conversion Unit for GLC300 2014/6/30 None
GLC-AIOCN01 Analog Connector (Screw cramp type) 2016/7/21 None
GLC-DIOCN04 DIO Connector (Spring terminal block) 2016/7/21 None
GLC-TMCN01 Temperature Input Connector 2016/7/21 None
GLC000-DIOCB11-MS DIO Connector Cable for both Sink and Source type 2014/6/30 None
GLC-DIOCN02 DIO Connector 2013/9/30 None
GLC-DIOCN03 I/O Connector Terminal Block for FN-XY32SKS 2013/9/30 None
ST400-WP01 Installation Gasket 2023/4/28 None